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Panikeke is proud to launch our new look for our online store

Overwhelmed with the many online orders made in our first month since launching Panikeke online. We are very thankful for the lord for being with us since day one and to all our Panikeke's who have supported and purchased our products - you guys are amazing! 

Just an insight to our new online store, we have been developing our new website to feel and look amazing. Showcasing our latest and popular Panikeke goods with the main purpose, to create a more user friendly platform for our customers and visually informative at the same time.

Since launching our new online store, we will now be focusing on introducing our new Panikeke Goods, as we promise to launch new goods every month.

Since we are one month backed in launching new goodies - We have exciting new stock to be introduced soon.

Many Blessed Thanks - Panikeke

If you have any issues with using our site, let us know at