"Panikeke is the Pacific Term for ‘Pancake’; Usually comes in the form of a deep fried pancake ball or our founders favourite; homemade flat fried pancakes smoothened in lots of butter and strawberry jam"

This iconic island treat has played a pivotal role in our founders upbringing.

From frying up Panikeke's in the kitchen before the age of five, to being the number one go to dish when there's nothing to eat in the cupboards.

The story of the humble Panikeke has always held a deep connection with our founder and inspires many memories of the humble beginnings growing up with nothing, in South Auckland.

"'My grandmother Siliva, loved panikekes and I would always cook her the flat panikekes with a fresh cup of tea everyday, this was our daily ritual. It's what kept us full when we had nothing to eat. My Nana always told me that when there's nothing to eat, there will always be flour and sugar in the cupboard, water in the tap and with that you can make panikeke's. This taught me an important life lesson which I carry throughout my journey and that is the power of being resilient! Simply being resourceful to create something so delicious from absolutely nothing is magic!" -kiteli

At Panikeke, we believe these humble beginnings have helped create who we are as a brand and is why we work tirelessly to create products that represent the Pacific!

"Panikeke is a brand I created for the pacific! When I fell in love with the world of business, I always knew it had to serve a purpose! Creating a brand inspired and created for the Pacific has always been my Why? its what has connected me back to my ancestors and to my beloved Nana Siliva"

"I've always seen so much potential in the Pacific and have been undermined by so many, that just because we come from these tiny islands and have limited resources, we have nothing to offer to this world. This is why I created Panikeke! To fight this status quo, that their is value in the Pacific with one panikeke at a time" - kiteli

Panikeke is a brand for the Pacific! The Pacific Island Beauty Shop!!

Home to everything beauty galore from our own line of Pacific inspired beauty products, jewellery, trendy accessories, fashion, gifts and more!


Founded in a small room in the suburbs of South Auckland, by a Young Pacific Entrepreneur.

Panikeke was created in early 2016, out of the pure frustration of not being able to find pacific made products or any products at all that were made using Pacific ingredients.

Most importantly the frustration our founder encountered along the journey of being told numerous times that there was no market for a pacific inspired brand.

To fill this void and to prove the naysayers wrong, our founder created Panikeke (originally named Pancake) as a space to sell all his failed pacific made products and now fast forward a few years later with many Panikeke goodies being sent across the world - Panikeke was born!

Panikeke is THE Pacific Beauty Shop, your local beauty supply store! We started humbly at the Otara Flea Markets, to local markets around the Auckland area, to humbly opening our very own brick and mortar store in the heart of South Auckland in 2020 amidts a global pandemic.

Panikeke was founded on tough and humble foundations and this is what has carried us along our journey #TYJ

The Panikeke brand is forever growing and evolving! We created Panikeke for the Pacific! Taking Pacific wear to another level!

At Panikeke, We cant wait to see what panikeke goodies come out of the panikeke kitchen next and what awaits us in the Panikeke future!




"Mr. Panikeke; The mind behind your favourite "seki hoops"...



"What started out as a stall at the Otara flea market has now transformed into a fashionable business for pacific beauty products and accessories."..



"Award speaks volumes for aspiring Pacific entrepreneurs..."

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